Q: What are Digital Colored Comics (Full Color Manga)

A: These are successful manga series that get colored officially by Shueisha or other manga publishers in Japan. Digital Colored Comics is the official english branding of the Shueisha Full colored manga. Other Japanese companies just call it full color.

Q: Are there any official english versions of these manga

A: Two arcs of Dragon Ball and Highschool of the Dead got officially translated. Apart from that, nothing else has been officially translated. This is why we do what we do.

Q: What’s the Colored Council?

A: The Colored council is a group of teams and individuals that edit and distribute colored manga for free and in high quality.

Q: How do I support the Colored Council?

A: There are multiple ways that you could support us. One way you could do so is by spreading word of us. Let others know of colored manga, which makes a manga even more accessible and brings a new experience to those re-reading or reading for the first time. Another way to support us is by joining the group. We could use more staff to branch out and do more colored manga.

Q: How do I download your releases?

A: The primary way to download our releases are by using our tachiyomi extension. Other than that we have alot of our series on nyaa.si

Q: How do I stay updated on new releases?

To stay updated on our releases you can join our discord and see the announcements channel.

Q: When does the next volume of Manga X come out?

A: It comes out when it comes out. We don’t have fixed dates for anything we do. Keep in mind that most of us are either still in school or working, doing this in our free time.

Q: Can you do Manga X?

A: Why don’t you? No seriously, if you want a colored manga to be edited in english, we provide all the resources to do so in our discord.

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