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This upload contains scans of the official Raijin Comics release of Bomber Girl from the early 2000’s.

For those unaware, in the early 2000’s, before Viz released their shonen jump magazine in North America, there was another manga magazine publishing manga in North America called Raijin Comics. Raijin was a magazine published by Gutsoon! Entertainment and published series such as City Hunter, Fist of the Blue Sky, Baki, and Slam Dunk, among others. This publisher was originally spun off from the Japanese publisher coamix which itself was formed by the old school shonen jump legends tetsuo hara (fist of the north star) and tsukasa hojo (city hunter). 

Raijin Comics ran for 47 issues before becoming defunct. This was scanned by the Raijin Comics Preservation Squad and we are trying to scan and preserve as much of Raijin/Gutsoon’s manga releases in North America as we can. 

Scanned by Super Joe


The series is about Emi Rashomon, a bounty hunter who uses her sex appeal to defeat enemies. Guy Kurosaki is a police officer who initially opposes Emi’s methods. Bomber Girl is written and illustrated by Makoto Niwano. It was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump from January 31 to April 11, 1994. The eleven individual chapters were compiled in a single tankōbon volume on August 4, 1994.