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Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead
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Highschool of the Dead – Full Color — Official Yen Press Translation (EN) 《Manga》

Highschool of the Dead, known in Japan as Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead (学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, HepburnGakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru obu za Deddo), is a Japanese manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō.


A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School.

In a matter of hours, the campus is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies! Only a handful of students escape the initial outbreak – among them Takashi Komuro and his childhood friend, Rei.

He manages to protect Rei from the initial onslaught, but how long can Takashi and the other students hope to survive when the whole school – maybe the whole town – is out for their blood?!



Middle school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything, but he hasn’t got an ounce of power in him. With no chance of ever getting into the prestigious U.A. High School for budding heroes, his life is looking more and more like a dead end. Then an encounter with All Might, the greatest hero of them all, gives him a chance to change his destiny…


On a normal day, mindless, flesh-eating zombies suddenly appear and send society into anarchy. In Fujimi Academy, second-year high school student Takashi Komuro witnesses these beasts’ murderous nature firsthand. He flees to the roof with friends Rei Miyamoto and Hisashi Igou, only to discover the harrowing reality of their zombie-overrun world.

In High School of the Dead, Takashi and Rei must now rely on a band of eccentric individuals composed of: Saeko Busujima, the kendo club president; Saya Takagi, a wealthy genius; Shizuka Marikawa, their voluptuous school nurse; and Kouta Hirano, a firearm-obsessed otaku. Together they must defy all odds and survive against the horrifying undead.


Highschool of the Dead was published in English by Yen Press from January 25, 2011 to July 24, 2012. Yen Press has also released two hardcover omnibuses containing the color volumes from November 22, 2011 to December 17, 2013. The series was also published in Polish by Waneko from April 2011 to June 2012.

Due to the death of author Daisuke Satou in 2017, the series was discontinued.



Highschool of the Dead, known in Japan as Apocalyptic Academy: Highschool of the Dead (Japanese学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEADHepburnGakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru obu za Deddo), is a Japanese manga series written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. It was serialized in Fujimi Shobo‘s Monthly Dragon Age between the September 2006 and May 2013 issues, but was left unfinished following Daisuke Satō’s death in March 2017. Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten published seven tankōbon volumes from March 2007 and April 2011 in Japan. Yen Press published the series in North America. The story follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

A 12-episode anime adaptation, produced by Madhouse and covering the first four volumes, aired in Japan from July 5 to September 20, 2010. Madhouse also produced an original video animation (OVA) episode in 2011. Sentai Filmworks released an English dub of the anime series and OVA on DVD and Blu-ray in North America.




Type: Manga
Volumes: 7
Chapters: 33
Status: Discontinued
Published: Aug 9, 2006 to Apr 9, 2013
Genres: ActionDramaHorrorRomanceEcchi
Themes: GoreSurvival
Demographic: Shounen
Serialization: Dragon Age
Authors: Satou, Daisuke (Story), Satou, Shouji (Art)


Shouji Sato, artist of “Highschool of the Dead” and creator of “Triage X,” has also released a great number of adult erotic titles as part of the doujinshi circles DIGITAL ACCEL WORKS and GEBOKUDOU.

Daisuke Sato is a novelist who has also worked on a number of manga scripts, including “Highschool of the Dead.”




. Official Art – Volume 01 (monochrome) Cover

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