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This release is the official Viz Translation typset over the Chinese Kanzenban scans. Zatch Bell is one of those series that has been mostly abandoned by Viz and there likely isn’t going to be a re-release of the manga any time soon in English. This is an attempt to make a high quality, readable version of the series with Viz translations.

Edited by: Super Joe


Awaken The Power Inside!

Kiyo is a brilliant junior high student whose inflated ego (and tendency to blow the grading curve) has made him a major target for teasing at school. So his father sends him a bizarre birthday present – a strange little boy named Zach Bell – to help him make friends and reform his bad attitude. Zatch brings with him a mysterious red volume of spells, and Kiyo discovers that Zatch has magic powers that are unleashed by reading from the book! But there are more surprises to come, and Kino’s destiny is about to change forever.